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pride we present our independent VAT specialized company with an

expert knowledge in international trade. We provide high quality General VAT representation in the Netherlands and EU wide VAT compliance and VAT registrations.

We solve VAT-headaches caused, for example, by goods traded by an US company, produced in China, assembled in Poland, labelled in France, stored in the Netherlands and sold to an Italian company but transported to South-Africa.

Not only will we explain the VAT consequences step by step, we will also inform you on the needed licenses, a template for the invoice as well as how to adopt these sales and or purchases in your administration. With value added!


General VAT representation in the Netherlands

Import license, own VAT number, care free compliance in the Netherlands, negotiations with tax authorities and customs

EU-wide VAT compliance

Care free VAT compliance in all EU countries, including SAF-T and real time reporting

VAT advisory

Guidance in worldwide trade, contracts, VAT optimalisation and dropshipments


For every client we will do our upmost best to add value. We have combined our specialism in data with our VAT tax lawyers and created WithValueAddedTax.

What makes us stand out from the crowd are the short lines in daily communication and the fact that no junior will ever be working on your case while a senior is presenting it. Within WithValueAddedTax we are all seniors on the job. What also makes us the odd ones out are our fee structures. We believe in fair pricing. Feel free to ask us for a quotation.

We also believe in work hard and play harder. We love our
weekends, but since we created such a great working environment with a good work ethic, we also love our Mondays.

WithValueAddedTax breaks the stereotype, we are informal
players in a strictly formal world without compromising quality, output and effort.

Knowledge & Experience

Ramon Jeurgens

  • Founder of WVAT
  • VAT compliance specialist
  • Over 15 years of experience in data analyses, international VAT and finance
  • Excel, Power Query and data expert
  • All weather road and off-road cyclist
  • Craft beer connoisseur and lover

Linda Poulussen

  • VAT director
  • International VAT consultant
  • Over 15 years of experience in international VAT consultancy and compliance
  • Health and sports fanatic
  • Travel addict
  • Parttime dog mother of the office dog


  • Goofy office dog
  • Expert breaking toys
  • Food lover

Willem Verheijen

  • Finance and data analyst
  • Craft beer expert
  • Festival organizer
  • Passioned about

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